How to easily Open Stripe Account in South Africa in 2024

How to easily Open Stripe Account in South Africa in 2024

Stripe has made international payments a breeze for startups, eCommerce enthusiasts, dropshippers, digital marketers, and small business owners. Yet, Stripe is not directly available to businesses in South Africa and South African entrepreneurs.

Most South African  entrepreneurs have given up scaling their business internationally through a reliable and trustworthy payment gateways such as Stripe.

In this article, I will explain how you can legally set up Stripe in South Africa in just a few days from the comfort of your home.

By the end of this article, you will find answers to the following questions.

Is Stripe available in South Africa?

Does Stripe work in South Africa?

Can South Africa open a 100% functional Stripe account?

Stripe Payment in South Africa?

How to set up a Stripe account from South Africa?

Can South Africa citizens use Stripe?

How can I set up a Stripe Account if I live in South Africa?

How you can use Incorpuk to gain access to Stripe in South Africa has made it easier for international entrepreneurs and Non-UK residents to incorporate their business in the UK and gain access to Stripe, UK business bank account, and other financial resources to scale globally.

Online entrepreneurs from South Africa Can open Stripe accounts even if they are residing in South Africa.

You can open a fully verified business Stripe account in South Africa by incorporating a company in the UK through Incorpuk.

In 3 years, Incorpuk has assisted founders from over 185 countries with access to the UK and global financial systems like Stripe with many coming from South Africa .

What some of our South African Based customers have said

Steps to Incorporate in the UK and gain access to Stripe

If you are an entrepreneur from South Africa or any other Stripe unsupported country, you can follow this simple procedure to set up your Stripe account.

Step 1. Check for your Company Name Availability

The first step is to go to and check for the availability of your company name through the Name Search or Get Started button.

Our real-time Name check on our website enables you to check for the availability of your new UK company name. This is the name you will be using for Stripe. And do not worry, you can have multiple Stripe accounts and businesses as brands under one Company.

Step 2. Select Nature of business

The next step is to select what your business category is. We have a list of several business industries or categories you can choose from. For instance, if your business will primarily provide digital marketing service or advertising service you can select "digital marketing as nature of business.

Step 3: Company Director and Shareholder

Once you have selected the nature of business, you will have to fill in your details on the required field. The info you fill in has to be correct because they are what we will use when filing for your new UK company as the director and shareholder of the company or simply put as the founder of the company.

If your business have one or more co-founders, you can add them to the company account after you complete the payment and login to your Incorpuk account.

Step 4: Complete your Registration

After filling in the required details, enter your preferred password and complete the payment. Then log in to your account and upload your proof of ID and address.

Proof of ID can be any of the following:

You will need at least one of the following Government Issued ID from South Africa

  • Passport
  • National Identity Card
  • Voters’ card
  • Driving License

Proof of Address can be any of the following:

You will need at least one of the following proof of address from South Africa

  • Utility bill (water, electricity, gas, mobile, etc)
  • Bank Statement (only the first page)
  • Tenant Agreement or Mortgage Doc
  • Driving License

Step 5. Business Bank Account

Your UK company incorporation will take within 1 to 2 working days. After your company has been incorporated, we will send you all the incorporation documents. Also, a member of our support team will reach out to you to assist you in opening a UK business bank account. Our support team will connect you and provide you with guidelines on how to go about business bank account opening.

The business bank account is what you will link to your Stripe account to accept payouts from Stripe.

Step 6. Set up your Stripe Account

The next step is to set up your Stripe Payment account. Our support team will provide you with support, free consultation, and the guidelines you need to open your Stripe account from South Africa .

Every week we assist entrepreneurs from South Africa  to gain access to Stripe and scale their online business globally.

At Incorpuk, it is our pleasure to assist global-minded entrepreneurs with access to global financial systems.

Our support team is ever ready to answer your queries should you have questions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Stripe from South Africa

Does stripe work in South Africa?

Yes, you can have a fully functional Stripe account in South Africa but you will have to follow the right procedure. And that is where the help of Incorpuk comes in. We help you incorporate in the UK and help you access resources and systems UK entrepreneurs have access to including Stripe.

Is Stripe Available in South Africa?

When you incorporate your company in the UK through Incorpuk you can create a Stripe account for your business. We will provide you all the support you need to set up your Stripe account.

IS Stripe Payment in South Africa working?

Yes, a lot of entrepreneurs from South Africa  are accepting payments for their online businesses and startups with Stripe through our support.

How to Open Stripe from South Africa?

We have explained in this article, the A to Z of opening a Stripe account from South Africa with ease.

Is Stripe available for South Africa online entrepreneurs?

Yes, Stripe is available to citizens of South Africa. As long as you incorporate your company in the UK and follow the right procedure you will gain access to Stripe as a South African entrepreneur.

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